Charcoal Portraits : by Mai Nunag

Affordable, Original and Quality Charcoal portraits


 Charcoal Portraits are carefully and originally hand made works of art, which are created from photographs or old pictures. It will be created for you like a lifelike drawing that captures the expression and spirit of your family, friends, pets or even a landscape. They are very ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, Valentines or any occasion you can come out with.


Mai is dedicated to give you the most affordable charcoal portraits but... without giving up the quality of each of this wonderful work of art. I can put together two different pictures or any special request or backgrounds. I can replicate some of your  favorite celebrity pictures. I also do portraits with caricatured body and others...

Mai Nunag is an Asian artist who immigrated from the Philippine islands to Ramsey Illinois. He spends most of his time exploring and learning different techniques of charcoal and pencil. He also explored combining portraits with caricature drawings.

Feel free to browse my gallery and check how to order.. and don't miss your chance to give a precious and long lasting gift to your love ones. God Bless You.. and have a good one!




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